What is Qatar Cool?         
Air conditioning (AC) is supplied to all the properties in pearl, zigzag towers (Lagoona plaza) and Westbay by Qatar Cool, also known as Qatar District Cooling Company provides efficient district cooling. Qatar cool supplies chilled water via an underground network of insulated piping for air conditioning purposes.

What is district cooling ?          
District cooling systems produce chilled water at a central cooling plant and then pipe that energy out to multiple residential, industrial and commercial buildings for air conditioning purpose. Individual buildings don't need their own chillers or air conditioners anymore.
Qatar Cool means

What would be an approximate bill for Qatar Cool per month, for a 2bdr apartment about 157sqm?         
QR. 550/-

How often are you billed for your Qatar cool?         
You receive four bills a year.

Where is the Qatar Cool office?         
There is an office on the Pearl. Near Tower 7 which is shared with commercial bank.

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