What are general tenancy periods of contracts?          
Typical tenancy contracts for residential property in Qatar are for a minimum of one year. 

What paperwork do I need to complete my tenancy contract?  
If the contract is under your INDIVIDUAL name:                    
1. Copy of your Residence Permit (RP)                    
2. Copy of your Qatari ID                    
3. Copy of your passport.                    
4. Cheques before commencement of tenancy
    For a one year contract you need to produce 13 Cheques:
    (12 Cheques post dated for each month’s rent + 1 cheque for the deposit* =1 month’s rent)
    *Please note that the deposit cheque is refundable at the end of the term.                                

IF the contract will be under your COMPANY’s name:                                      
1. Copy of company registration (CR)                                      
2. Copy of establishment/Computer ID                                      
3. Copy of ID, RP & passport of person signing the contract.

If my Qatari ID, RP or Qatari Bank Accounts are still in progress, can I still rent a property?          
Under these circumstances, we would require a copy of your passport and a letter from your company as proof of employment and first 2 months of rent in cash is sufficient to progress your tenancy, until you receive the above documents.

What are the typical costs for utility bills?           
This is purely for guidance only, for a 3 bedroom villa, it should approximately a QR1000 per month. This should cover electricity, water & Internet.

What does a typical utility package include?
When landlord’s include all bills these normally include the following:
Qatar Cool (Pearl and West Bay), Electricity and Water.

Do I pay the Service Charge?
In the Pearl and West Bay most cases the landlord pays for the Service Charge to the developer directly. Rental properties outside of these areas services charges are not applicable.

What’s the difference between fully furnished, semi-furnished & unfurnished properties?         
Fully Furnished:  This will typically include installed kitchen appliances, living and dining area
   furniture, beds, wardrobes and TV.        
Semi Furnished :  This includes all kitchen appliances and AC’s only.         
Unfurnished: This does not include any appliances not even AC’s. In the Pearl semi-furnished is the basic option.

Is the deposit cheque cashed or held with the landlord?         
It is normal practice that the majority of landlords will cash the deposit cheque and a receipt is provided to the tenant. This receipt must be presented to the landlord at the end of the tenancy contract to retrieve your deposit money minus any damages and/or unpaid bills.

What would happen if I terminate my contract before the end of the term.?          
This is wholly dependent on the terms of your contract. There is generally a one or two month's penalty for early termination and a one or two month notice period only if you are leaving Qatar for good.